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Central Cali Prospects - All Star Game

By Paul Hernandez, 06/28/21, 4:30PM PDT


Central Cali Prospects 2021 Senior All-Star Game Scouting Report

This past Friday, June 25th, Clutch Clips Hoops and myself hosted the Inaugural Central Cali Prospects Senior All-Star Game at Dignity Sports Complex in Bakersfield, CA, which featured players from various schools located in the Central Section of California. There were 24 players that participated in the event, representing 17 different high schools from the cities of Fresno, Bakersfield, Clovis, Kingsburg, Tulare, Kerman, and Delano. Below is a scouting report that evaluates each of the participants skills, positive attributes and how they performed in the All-Star Game. These evaluations are based on my own scouting of each player in this event and over the past 2 years, whether it be with their high school team, club team or individual events.

2021 6’2 Omarion Thomas-Marshall (Bullard HS/Fresno):

Thomas-Marshall is a great athlete with the ability to put up big numbers scoring the basketball. Omarion has a physical build, shifty handles with the ball, good change of direction using the hesitation to freeze his defender, and a crafty finisher at the rim. He does a nice job of sizing up his defender and takes advantage of his quick burst of speed, attacking the rim relentlessly or pulling up for a mid-range jump shot. He uses his athleticism and creativity to evade taller and longer defenders around the basket, making for some entertaining finishes at the cup. Thomas-Marshall is a quick leaper, which allows him to be a solid rebounder for his size, and he does a nice job of pushing the tempo in transition. Omarion led all players with 27 points in the Senior All-Star Game.

2021 6’5 Cedric Coward (Central HS/Fresno):

Coward has a nice overall basketball skill set and the versatility to play multiple positions on both ends of the court. He is a smart player that has a great feel for the game, whether he is working from the perimeter or operating in the post. Offensively, Coward has a good handle, has the moves to create off the wing and attack the basket, is very confident scoring anywhere within 15-20 feet of the basket, and is effective enough from beyond the arc to stretch the defense and open up driving lanes. In the key, he can play with his back to the basket, has nice footwork and post moves to create scoring opportunities, and displays good court vision facilitating out of the high-post. Defensively, Coward uses his size and long wingspan to limit shots from the opponent, either on defensive rebounds or by altering/blocking shots. Coward has the size and agility to guard perimeter players, as well as bigger players in the painted area. Coward has an overall game that reminds me of a Draymond Green type skill set. He can play the 1-4 effectively, and with the popularity of small ball, he can play at the 5 spot, as he has done frequently in high school. Finished with 17 points and 10+ rebounds in the Senior All-Star Game.

2021 6’1 Jalen Douglas (San Joaquin Memorial HS/Fresno):

Douglas is one of the top on ball defenders in the Central Section and has become a legit 3 level scoring option on offense. He has active hands on defense, great lateral movement and footwork to stay in front of his opponent, reads passing lanes well creating turnovers and transition offense. Douglas rebounds the ball well for his position and has the handles to push the ball in the open court. Offensively, he has improved his perimeter game, which has allowed him to become more of a threat creating off the perimeter. Douglas is effective from beyond the arc and at the rim, but the most valuable part of his offensive game is his consistency with the mid-range jumper. Douglas had 18 points in the Senior All-Star Game and was key in pushing Team White to a big lead in the 2nd half. He played in the Central Section Championship Game all 4 years of his high school career, winning 3 of the 4 years. Impact player that will help out any program at the next level.

2021 5’11 Milton Walker (Central HS/Fresno):

Walker is a quick and skilled lead guard that had one of the more impressive showings at the Senior All-Star Game. He is shifty with his handles, has a quick first step and the moves to get by his initial defender, and is a creative finisher at the rim over bigger players. Walker showed nice use of the floater and can hit the 3 ball with enough consistency to space the floor and open up driving lanes. Walker does a great job of being in the right place on the court and understands the benefits of floor spacing. Countless times he got easy putback buckets by simply crashing the boards, beating his man to the right spot, and sealing out for rebounds and putbacks. He finished with a team high 22 points for the winning White Team.  

2021 6’1 James Prescott III (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno):

Prescott is a physical lead guard that does a nice job setting up and running the offense, as well as creating scoring opportunities for himself. He has really good ball handling skills, accelerates quickly on the drive, gets into the teeth of the defense routinely, has good court vision to make plays off the drive and pass, and uses his strength to finish through taller, bigger defenders. Prescott has shown improvement in his efficiency with the 3 ball, especially off the dribble. Poised and under control when working within a system, where his game has flourished the most since moving to California. Had 16 points for Team Black in the Senior All-Star Game.

2021 6’1 Kuman Chandler (Edison HS/Fresno):

Chandler was the pleasant surprise of the event, as he was added to the rosters the morning of the event and came out serving straight buckets. He can score effectively from all 3 levels, solid ball handling skills, crafty moves off the dribble, and is able to get to his comfort zones for the shot. Chandler has good court vision and when he plays downhill he shows good playmaking abilities to find open teammates. Defensively, Chandler has quick hands and good lateral movement to stay in front of his opponent and get steals leading to open court opportunities. He would be a nice fit for a program looking to add a proficient ball handler that has the skill and moves to create his own offense or make plays for others.

2021 6’2 Qyncee Patterson (Mission Oak/Tulare):

Patterson is an athletic slashing wing that excels in the open court and is looking to take flight with authority. He is at his best when he is aggressively attacking off the wing and getting downhill to the basket. Patterson has decent handles, a strong upper body to get through contact, gets great lift on his mid-range jumper, and is improving his shot from beyond 15 feet. He generates a lot of contact with his style of play and gets to the foul line frequently. Patterson is proficient on the glass, allowing for increased transition opportunities. The more consistent he can become from outside the paint, the better chances he has of playing at the 4 year level as a true guard/wing.

2021 6’3 Nate Towsley (Kingsburg HS):

Towsley has a physical build and is a great athlete that shoots the ball well. Specifically, he is a highly efficient shooter from beyond the arc, and moves nicely off the ball to create catch and shoot opportunities. Towsley has great lift on his shot to create separation from his defender, increasing his effectiveness from deep. His ability to hit from beyond the arc opens up driving lanes, and Towsley has enough on his handles to get by his man and create off the dribble. Towsley rebounds very well for his size, is able to absorb contact and finish through his defender, and his quick leaping ability creates easy second chance points. Towsley was one of the players that left his impact on the Senior All-Star Game, as many in attendance after the event inquired about his plans for next year, which will be played at Reedley College. 

2021 6’7 Shaan Dhillon (Kerman HS):

Dhillon has great size, length and shooting ability for his size to be a threat on the perimeter, as well as being effective around the basket. He is consistent from beyond the arc with his shot, has enough handle to get by bigger defenders and get to the mid-range shot, which he showed he could knock down routinely. Dhillon has a pretty stroke for a wing/forward and is more comfortable working off the wing. He is a solid rebounder, has good hands and a soft touch on shots around the rim. He could be a player to keep an eye on if he ends up in the right system and is developed more as a perimeter prospect. I really like his upside.

2021 6’7 Jeremiah Hannah (Edison HS/Fresno):

Hannah is a lengthy and agile player that makes his presence felt around the basket on both ends of the court. He has a long wingspan that allows him to be a high level shot blocker and active rebounder. Offensively, Hannah has good hands around the basket, controls the offensive glass, can shoot the mid-range with some efficiency, and plays with a relentless motor. Hannah had 16 points and 10+ rebounds in the Senior All-Star Game and impressed the coaches in attendance. He would be a great addition to a college program and with his size and length could be an impact player immediately.

2021 6’1 Fernando Carranza (Cesar Chavez HS/Delano):

Carranza is an effective shooter and is a tough minded player that values each possession and wins the 50/50 plays for his team. He is efficient shooting from the field, whether it's from the mid-range or from beyond the arc, and has the ability to put up 20 points or more when he heats up. Carranza is gritty on defense, gets up into his man, and competes on every possession. Very coachable and could be a nice addition for a JUCO program next year.

2021 6’3 Gurkirat Singh (Clovis HS):

Singh has a great motor and has knockdown capability from beyond the arc. He is a volume scorer, and when his shot starts falling he is really tough to defend. He has great range on his 3 ball, and shoots with supreme confidence. Singh also impacts the game on the boards, active hands on perimeter defense creating turnovers, and flies around the court.

2021 5’11 Noah Hernandez (Ridgeview HS/Bakersfield):

Hernandez is a prototypical point guard that puts pressure on the defense and looks to find open teammates off the drive and kick. He sees the court well, has a pass-first mentality and finds the open player, gets into his defender and has the strength to finish through contact at the basket. Defensively is where Hernandez makes his mark, as he is capable of guarding bigger players, gets his hands into his defenders dribbling space, will get the 50/50 ball, and rebounds very well for his height.

2021 6’4 Amari Thomas (West HS/Bakersfield):

Thomas is a lengthy and rangy wing/slasher that has really improved his efficiency from the 3 point line. He does a good job on the boards, has the agility to defend on the perimeter, as well as the size and wingspan to defend in the post. Thomas’s height and improved shooting efficiency allow him to shoot over smaller defenders and the quickness to get by bigger defenders.

2021 6’4 Landon Humphrey (Clovis North):

Humphrey is an athletic wing/slasher that has good length and size, bringing a lot of energy to the court. He is at his best in the open court, filling lanes and attacking the rim for transition dunks. Humphrey is a solid defender that has the length and agility to guard multiple positions, uses his length to rebound and alter shots, and has good hands to bother his opponent. Offensively, he moves well off the ball, slashing through the lane or getting open for the catch and shoot opportunities. He shoots the ball well enough from beyond the arc to stretch the defense.

2021 5’9 Terry Richardson (West HS/Bakersfield):

Richardson is an absolute dog on the court and brings a level of intensity that is tough to match. He has become more reliable from the 3 point line, enough handle to attack the defense, and a tough finisher through contact. Defensively he gets into his opponents ball space and makes it hard to get a rhythm with relentless pressure. Plays with that Pat Beverely type of swagger and is a pleasure to watch play the game.

2021 6’ Chaun Davis (Foothill HS/Bakersfield):

Davis has a solid understanding of the game and has range from deep with the 3 ball. He has a solid handle with the basketball, shows good court vision at the lead guard spot, and has the ability to score in bunches. Davis had multiple 30 point games his junior season and was part of the Trojans’ State Championship in 2019. Experienced player that has always had a great feel for the game.

2021 5’10 Josh Esparza (Ridgeview HS/Bakersfield):

Esparza is a true point guard that is poised with the ball and operating the offense. He uses the hesitation nicely, as well as change of speed and direction to navigate through the defense. Esparza has good court vision and, as a 3 year varsity starter, understands how to read defenses and make the right play off the drive into the defense. He has improved his ability to snake through the defense and get his defender on his back or hip, which creates contact and fouls four the opponent.

2021 5’10 Shawn Packard (Bullard HS/Fresno):

Packard is an effective point guard that gets into the paint and creates open looks for his teammates. He takes pride on the defense end and uses his quick hands and positioning to force opponents to lose the ball and create turnovers. Packard can hit the 3 ball enough to pull defenders out and open up driving lanes. He does a good job of getting downhill and pressuring the defense to make rushed decisions, which leads to open teammates off missed assignments. Love the way he competes on both ends.

2021 6’4 Mekhi Pitts (Frontier HS/Bakersfield):

Pitts has really expanded his game over the last year, which has been most evident in his ability to create his own offense. He has nice touch and finishes well around the basket, improving handles and moves to create off the perimeter, active on the glass, and has improved his efficiency from beyond the arc. Pitts has solid footwork in the post, and understands how to create separation from his defender with his back to the basket for scoring opportunities. His ability to face-up and attack have been the most impressive aspects of his growth as a player.

2021 6’3 Colby Charles (Kingsburg HS):

Charles makes his presence felt on both ends of the court and has the physical attributes that allow him to be a high level perimeter defender. Charles shoots well enough to be a threat from all 3 levels on the court, rebounds well, has enough handle to start the transition offense, moves nicely off the ball, and gets to his comfort zones often. Defensively, he is a lengthy wing/guard that can guard on the ball and off the ball at a high level, and is able to create turnovers at the top of the key leading to easy open court baskets. Charles has the mental toughness to take big shots, as was evident with the buzzer beating game winner to help his team win the Southern California Regional D-5A Championship a week ago.

2021 6’2 Ipreye Egbe (Garces Memorial HS/Bakersfield):

Egbe is a glue guy that can be inserted in any system and will fit in smoothly. He is an elite rebounder for his size, constantly looks to attack the basket getting into the teeth of the defense, and has improved his efficiency from beyond the arc. He is a lock up perimeter defender that you can put on the opponents best offensive guard, and brings energy levels up as soon as he gets on the court. Egbe thrives on getting physical with the opponent, has a relentless motor, will win the 50/50 balls, and gets opponents off their game with his intensity.

2021 5’10 Jacob Garcia (Centennial HS/Bakersfield):

Garcia is always a threat from beyond the arc and brings that edge needed to help his team win. He moves well without the ball, runs off screens tightly, and creates the separation needed to catch and shoot. Garcia is a tough minded player that brings high energy on both ends. Glue guy that communicates well with teammates on the court. 

2021 6’2 Marquel Bruley (Golden Valley HS/Bakersfield):

Bruley is a rangy wing player that is disruptive on defense and plays with a great motor, flying around the court. He shoots the ball well from the 3 point line, has decent handles to create off the dribble, and does a good job on the boards. Bruley is a quality perimeter defender and uses his length and quick hands to jump passing lanes and create turnovers.

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