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Central Cali Prospects - Workout 9

By Paul Hernandez, 11/06/20, 11:00AM PST


These player evaluations are based on player performance from our recent Central Cali Prospect Workouts 2021/2022 Top 20 Games Event held in mid-October. We selected the top 20 players from the graduating classes of 2021 and 2022 that have participated in our Central Cali Prospect Workouts that have been taking place since June. This evaluation looks at 10 players that performed very well and impacted the games in various ways; scoring, facilitating, defensive play, and rebounding. We also listed 5 additional players as Notable Participant that performed well but fell outside our Top 10.

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2022 5’11 Jaylan Walton (Bullard HS):

Walton has been a recurring presence at the Central Cali Prospect Workouts since we started then back up in August and has consistently shown why he is one of the top point guards in the Section and a no brainer invite to the 2021/2022 Top 20 Games Event. Walton had his elite handles and moves off the perimeter on display in all 4 games. Walton was on the attack from the jump and was one of the top scorers for Team Black, finishing with 7 points. Game 2 was the best scoring output by Walton as he was key in leading Team Black to a 45-41 win, as Walton had 10 points and connected on a pair of threes. The Central Section has a lot of next level lead guards and Walton is near or at the top of that list. Walton is super shifty with the ball, great ball control, ability to create off the dribble or hit from beyond the arc with consistency, uses change of speed very well, and is a creative finisher around the rim. Walton uses his handles and blow by speed to create opportunities for teammates and has good court vision as a next level playmaker.  

2022 6’4 Everett Hunter (Modesto Christian):

I really like the overall game and skill set of wing/forward Everett Hunter and based on an earlier performance at our Central Cali Prospect Workouts, that was loaded with talent, we wanted him to be a part of this Top 20 Games Event. Hunter was one of the top scorers at the Top 20 Games Event, with highs for Team White in Game 2 (11 points) and Game 4 (12 points). Hunter finished the event out with a dominant performance in Game 4, as he scored from all three levels and could not be stopped on the glass. Hunter has the footwork and physical build to operate in the post and scores effectively around the rim. Although Hunter has a nice game in the paint, he becomes a real threat with his ability to knockdown the deep ball efficiently. Hunter connected on 7 threes in the 4 games, with 3 of those coming in Game 2, keeping Team White competitive. Hunter has good handles, plays with a lot of passion, not afraid to play bully ball, and has a good feel for the game.

2021 6’6 Dwyane Reliford (Trinity Prep/NV):

I was fortunate to see Reliford play the previous weekend at the Pangos Best in the West Shootout hosted by Dinos Trigonis and was very impressed with his level of play, which led to us extending an invite to the Top 20 Games Event. Reliford impacted the games in a variety of ways on both ends throughout the event. Reliford was dominant on the glass, snatching offensive rebounds, creating second chance points, and limiting Team White to single shot possessions. Reliford had some huge blocks and altered shots in every game. Reliford also showed he is capable of pushing the ball in the open court and runs the floor very well. Reliford displayed he is a good finisher around the rim and has a pretty good midrange shot. The most impressive part of Reliford’s game is the relentless motor that he plays with from the time he hits the court to the end of the game. Reliford had his most impressive scoring performance in Game 4, finishing with a team high 8 points. Reliford has recently transferred from Bullard HS to Trinity Prep School in Las Vegas. This will be a big step in his development as a prospect.

2022 5’10 Niko Jones (Clovis North):

Jones is a player that I have been getting more familiar with his game and he has been very impressive in previous Central Cali Prospect Workouts. We extended an invite to Jones and he made the most of it, highlighted with a big performance in Game 2 leading all players in scoring. Jones plays with an insane motor and has a shifty style of play that keeps his defender on their heels. His ability to catch fire from behind the arc makes it tough to keep Jones out of the paint when he decides to attack the basket. As mentioned, Jones really put his offensive skill set on display in Game 2 of the Top 20 Games Event. Jones hit a couple 3s and was on the attack in the open court, getting to the basket with ease. Jones finished with a game high 12 points and really showed how tough he is to defend when he is connecting from deep. Jones plays a style of basketball that is hard not to like and has the skill to go with his intensity.

2022 6’ Alex Argandar (Modesto Christian):

Argandar is another player that had attended a previous Prospect Workout, that was loaded with talent, and he was one of the top players at that workout and was an easy pick for the Top 20 Games Event. If you have seen Alex play, you know there is a lot to like about various aspects of his game. Argandar can play either guard position at a high level. Argandar has a smooth release on his shot and moves well without the ball, creating separation for scoring opportunities. He does an even better job with the ball in his hands as the lead guard, orchestrating the offense and making plays for his teammates. Alex started off strong and was the leading scorer in Game 1, finishing with 10 points and was in a good groove from the 3 point line. Argandar also had a solid game scoring the ball in Game 4, as he put up 8 points alongside his high school running mate’s (Everett Hunter) 12 points. Argandar really has a great feel for the game, has a very fluid style of play, and always looks like he is having a fun time playing. Great leadership skills and never looks pressured on the court.

2022 6’2 Tyric Herod (Bullard HS):

Herod plays with supreme confidence in his game and is a lights out shooter from beyond the arc. Herod had attended a few of the Prospect Workouts and showed why is one of the better scoring guards in the Central Section, earning him an invite to the 2021/2022 Top 20 Games Event. Herod was not much of a factor in Game 1, but by Game 2 he started to heat up finishing with 6 critical points that helped Team Black get the win over Team White. Herod had his best game offensively in Game 3 of the event, as he scored a game high 11 points and showed why he is one of the more creative scorers in the Section. Creating off the perimeter, knocking down the 3 ball, and using the floater off the glass as Herod displayed his 3 level shot making capabilities. Herod plays with a swagger to his game and when he gets going he methodically breaks down any defense given the threat he presents to score from various spots on the court. Solid showing and one of the top 10 players at the event. 

2021 5’11 Seth Marantos (Bakersfield Christian):

Marantos has been regarded as one of the top true point guards in the Central Section since his sophomore year and that was on display at one of our previous Prospect Workouts. Marantos was the driving force behind the Eagles run to State last season and holds an offer from Fresno Pacific with interest from a few other schools. The one thing that really stands out about Marantos’ game is his elite court vision and understanding of adapting to what the team needs of him to win; whether that be scoring or making plays. Although Marantos did not have any big scoring performances, he was the best true point guard at the Top 20 Games Event as he weaved through traffic, set up teammates for easy buckets, made some great next level passes and the points he did score were opportunistic and high percentage shots. Marantos does the best job in the Central Section of keeping the ball on a string, always surveying the floor, breaking a defense apart and has a pretty shot that he puts down with accuracy. 4.0+ GPA on top of being one of the best guards in the Section.

2022 6’ D’Amonte Moten (Independence HS):

I have been fortunate to see Moten play a lot this summer and the growth of his game has been exciting to watch. As a scoring lead guard, Moten has been showing growth in his decision making and improved shot selection. The growth of his game was on full display at the 2021/2022 Top 20 Games Event. Moten was one of the top overall leading scorers over the 4 games played, with personal highs of 8 points in Games 1 and 3. Moten showed his improved 3 point shooting connecting on a pair of threes in Game 1 and Team Black’s second leading scorer in that game. In Game 3, Moten went on the attack and used his quick burst of speed to blow by defenders and lived at the rim, finishing with 8 points and the second leading scorer for Team Black. Moten has great on court speed and as a lefty, he is tough to guard when on the attack. Moten has one of the best midrange shots in the South Valley area and the more he trusts his game the higher level of a prospect he can become. Solid showing at the Top 20 Games.

2021 6’2 Jalen Douglas (San Joaquin Memorial):

Douglas is one of the most accomplished players in the Central Section, as he has been a part of the Panthers 3 straight Central Section Valley Championships, looking to get a fourth this season. Douglas has been to several Central Cali Prospect Workouts and it has been good to see his all around skillset on both ends of the court. Douglas was one of the Top Performers at a workout back in September and that was enough for us to invite him to the Top 20 Games Event. Douglas impacted the defensive end during Game 1 but turned it up on offense in Games 2 and 3, and was a key factor in Team Blacks wins in those 2 games. Douglas had 9 points in Game 2 and scored from all 3 levels; connecting on a 3 pointer, a midrange bucket, and a few finishes at the basket. Douglas followed that up with 7 points in Game 3 as Team Black won both of those games. Defensively, Douglas always takes on the other team's best player and uses his long wingspan to guard multiple positions on the court. Douglas has the tools and the pedigree to be a great complimentary piece at the next level.

2021 6’5 Gavin Sandhu (Clovis East):

Gavin has been a player that has been to multiple Central Cali Prospect Workouts and each time he displayed more and more of his skill and style of play that put his name on our minds when deciding who to invite to the Top 20 Games Event. Sandhu played well in the fist 2 Games but had his breakout in Game 3 of the event. Sandhu came out the gates firing in Game 3 and knocked down 3 threes in the first half, finishing with a team high 10 points. Sandhu’s shot making ability from beyond the arc makes him a viable stretch forward that has enough handles to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket. Sandhu has the size and shooting capabilities to play at the next level, and if he puts the work in on strength and conditioning and skill development this is a viable option. 

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