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Clarifications From Tuesday in California (Los Angeles); We Need Solutions, Not Panic

By Jacob H. Pollon, Silver Waves Media Editor, 05/13/20, 7:45AM PDT




By Jacob H. Pollon

Silver Waves Media Editor

There was a short few hours of craziness and panic Tuesday when Los Angeles county public health official Dr. Barbara Ferrer implied the stay-at-home order would be in effect for the next three months.

That is not her decision and that is not accurate.

Twitter and multiple other social media platforms went into a frenzy that we will all be locked up in our homes.

That is simply not the case. There is no need to hide under the covers behind bolted locked doors.

Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti quickly clarified Dr. Ferrer's remarks to try and ease the panic and fear that was about to set in.

Garcetti said that while the stay-at-home order remains in place, it doesn't mean it stays in place as it is today for the next three months. Stores and public places  will have restrictions eased in a gradual manner as the data and science indicate what is proper.

Garcetti also said we have to live with COVID-19. That means social distancing and wearing masks is likely. But being locked up in your home every day for 24 hours is not happening, either.

Restrictions have already been eased on stores and other businesses. L.A. county Beaches are opening up Wednesday for exercising, walking, running and swimming. Golf courses, hiking trails and certain parks are also open for limited activities.

Governor Gavin Newsom also is leaving it up to each county on how to proceed. There are 58 counties in California. Newsom also provided new guidance on how offices, malls and strip malls, and museums can reopen.

Newsom deserves praise for his guidance, leadership and calm atmosphere during these crazy times.

The notion from Dr. Ferrer that we will be on stay-at-home orders until the end of July is simply not correct. In fact, it's not even legal for her to impose that. The county board of supervisors has to vote on that type of recommendation.

Ferrer's words were reckless and created fear amongst nearly all Angelenos. It was refreshing to hear Garcetti quickly dispel Ferrer's fear-provoking comments.

The key here is to be united and figure out proper ways to return to normalcy. If it's safe to go to the supermarket, bank, gas station and sporting goods outlet, then we can certainly figure out a way to have a youth basketball, baseball, football, softball, soccer, and volleyball game.

As the rest of the country starts to open up and we see youth sports practices begin throughout the country it is important that we fight and protect the rights and opportunities of our citizens and youth.

We cannot deprive the youth of California valuable opportunities that can impact their future.

What's wrong with coaches, parents and officials wearing masks while sitting 6-10 feet apart? What's wrong with only allowing the two teams and the required personnel to run the game into the facility and then clearing out with sanitizing for the next two teams?

There are no perfect answers but we must try and find solutions.

We must try and live with new guidelines. We must do this in a united and measured approach. We must work together to find solutions.

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