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2022 Top 20 - Vegas Boy's Basketball

By Christian Popoola & Jacob "Sticks" Machnik, 05/04/20, 12:15PM PDT


Top 10 

1. Richard "pop pop" Isaacs Jr.  / 6'1 / Wasatch Academy / Vegas Elite 

Isaacs Jr. is one of the top point guards in country. His tremendous toughness and swagger, combined with his unique scoring ability brings him to the top of many recruiting boards. He plays with a chip on his shoulder at all times and offensively can create a shot for himself at any time. When the best player on the floor is also the hardest worker, scary things happen. 


2. Milos Uzan / 6'3" / Desert Pines / Vegas Elite

Uzan is one of the last true point guards, carving up defenses with his elite passing ability and great court vision. When Uzan is on the floor his teammates are noticeably better. His ability to shoot the ball allows him to be a bigger threat than just an assist man and his size helps him guard multiple positions. 


3. Jaxon Kohler / 6'8" / Coronado 

Kohler is a traditional back-to-the-basket big with great footwork inside, good touch on shots 15 feet and in. his size and strength allows him to dictate the paint and defensively, his feet allow him to guard the perimeter. 


4. Joshua Jefferson / 6'6" / Liberty / Dream Vision

Jefferson is a versatile big man that can bring the ball up the court and shows great touch around the basket. To add to this, he has developed an outside shot that will continue to improve as he matures. He has great offensive potential and has shown he can be a top defender. 


5. Tavionte Jackson / 6'1" / Las Vegas / Hard 2 Guard

Jackson is a hard nosed lead guard that attacks well off the dribble, creating shots for his teammates and himself. Despite often being undersized in the paint, he rebounds extremely well for his position, which allows him to start the break and utilize his speed. 


6. Ryan Ableman / 6'2" / Bishop Gorman / Vegas Elite

Ableman is a pure shooter that can convert shots in both catch and shoot situations, as well as one dribble pull-ups. His ability to spread the floor forces defenders out of their comfort zones and he a threat from everywhere. 


7. Andrick Santillan / 6'4" / Cheyenne / LV Knicks

Another knockdown shooter, Santillan has a very quick release and positional size to play either guard spot. His size and shot can be easily translated to the next level and he has shown spots of great playmaking ability, which will grow as he matures. 


8. Dontrell Johnson / 6'5" / Bonanza / LV Lakers

Johnson is a strong and athletic forward that runs the floor well and attacks off the bounce. He finishes at the rim and has shown that he can score from the second level. His athleticism and size makes for a great defensive combination. 


9. Donavan Webster / 6'4" / Cheyenne / LV Knicks

Webster is a true "3&D" guy and his size allows for him to play either guard position well on both ends. This year he began to show strong point guard skills and his upside continues to grow.


10. Damion Byrd / 5'10" / Silverado / Hard 2 Guard

Byrd is a high IQ playmaker that consistently creates scoring opportunities for his teammates. He shows great timing and tempo with the ball in his hands and is athletic off the bounce. 


Round One

11. Jamir Stephens / 6'1" / Desert Pines / LV Olympians

Stephens is a quick and scrappy guard that thrives when guarding the ball. His quick hands and physical style allows him to disrupt ball handlers and come away with steals. His presence provides energy to the entire team. 


12. Shane Thomas / 6'3" / Centennial / LV Knicks

Thomas is a great all-around athlete that scores from all 3 levels. His size and above average length allows for him to disrupt opposing guards on the perimeter and in the paint. 


13. Aaron Price / 6'5" / Liberty / Vegas Elite

Price is a talented transition athlete with enough versatility and ball skills to play either forward spot. He finishes above the rim off two and shows great court strength in the lane. Defensively he has shown the ability to guard the perimeter and the paint. 


14. Sargent Jeffery / 6'5" / Coronado

Sargent is a long armed, power athlete with the physical tools to defend multiple positions. He plays with great toughness and court strength and has shown good improvement on the ball. 


15. Fredy Vargas / 6'0" / Rancho / Hard Work Dedication

Vargas is a well-rounded scoring guard that combines shooting touch and live dribble playmaking. His ability to get in the lane creates well for teammates and defenders are forced to respect his jumpshot, spreading the floor. 


16. Elijah Johnson / 5'10" / Durango / LV Knicks

Johnson is an athletic guard and a pesky positional defender that can pick up full. Offensively he shines with the ball in his hand


17. Sylis Gray / 6'3" / Clark

Gray is a 2 guard that shoots well off the bounce and shines off the ball. He has great adaptability on defense being able to guard multiple positions. He has shown to be a scoring threat from all three levels. 


18. Isaiah Belch / 6'3" / Foothill / Vegas Elite

Belch is a true catch and shoot guard with good size. He is a glue guy who fills up the stat sheet in multiple areas and defends at a high level. 


19. Jalen Foy / 6'5" / Canyon Springs

Foy is a stretch 4 that excels in pick and pop situations. He forces matchup issues with opposing teams and can defend his position well at the other end. Despite often being undersized, Foy rebounds very well and can push the ball up when needed. 

20. Miles Mitchell / 5'11" / Cimarron

Mitchell has the athleticism and skill to be a great three level scorer and compete at both guard positions. Defensively he guards the ball well and shows great court strength. 



21. Jacques Williams Jr. / 5'10" / Arbor View

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